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This book should be on every child's reading list, especially for the "Crystal Child" generation.

Maggie M.

Loves Chunky

I had been looking forward to getting my very own signed copy of Berc's Inner Voice - thinking "How cute - I have no children, but what the heck". Well, after reading it I realized the message is not just for "children" but for all of us. "Trust you inner voice". Thank You!!

Lynne D

Berc Lover

I think you need to change the age group, add one more zero...for ages 5-100! It's great and I love it! Thank you for writing this book for all the sweet ones out there who need to believe in themselves!

Carol D

Professional Massage Therapist

Syra loved the cat, the coloring page in the back. She enjoyed the art, and the story very much. I enjoyed the questions in the back, a great conversation starter for talking to the kids about their inner voice. I loved the playfulness of the story while it was being weaved with a spiritual side that is so important for kids to know and keep in touch with. I think this book is a great book for kids. This isn't something they teach kids in school, so this is a great tool! Thank you for writing it Lyn! Much love, and gratitude, Sadye and Syra

Sadye & Syra

Mother & Daughter

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